About Us

About Us

Bestt Sound System is a Professional Sound Reinforcement, Stage Lights, Trussing & LED Rental Company. We have been providing our services mainly in Gujarat as well as all over India. Since inception we have been driven by a very strong motivating goal to add very high fidelity in live performances.

A Sound experience characterized by transparency of the entire frequency range, a listening experience which borders on pleasure rather than on pain, providing an even dispersion of sound without hurting audience seated near the speakers etc.

For us at Best, Sound is an art form though we admit to infusing the very latest in technology, techniques and a no compromise approach to every single event that we undertake. The worlds most renowned Digital Audio Mixing Console Digico D5 112 EX, The Grand MA Lighting Console, A TUV certified Aluminium Trussing system by Euro Truss Netherlands that has a free span of 40 meters, Bestt Sound System was the first to offer a Front of House and Monitor console which could share a common stage rack besides a variety of Mixing Consoles to suit every Front of House or Monitor Engineer. A Dedicated Smart 7 set up to tune the system and assist the engineer during a concert, Flagship Crossover Management Systems for XTA or Built in Lake designed Labgruppen PLM 10000Q and 20000Q Amplifiers. Intelligent Lights by Robe, Claypaky, Fine Art & Trebly. The Largest Inventory of DAS AERO 49/50 speakers as well our own proprietary set up Bestt Sound System has always employed the very highest standards of safety with respect to electrical wiring which employ special power conditioners connected only via German Sockets, Cable braced trussing for maximum safety, Anti Jammable Cordless Microphones which can be used for Hon President/ Governor. Prime/Chief Ministers Speech or VVIP speeches without fear of sabotage.

A wide gamut of top artist like the now Late Shri Jagjit Singh, Shri Punkaj Udhas, Shri Daler Mehndi, as well as Rock Bands Like Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Raghu Dixit, Euphoria have refused to perform without Bestt Sound System. Live performances by doyens of classical music Ustads & Pandits also features us only for one reason that their discerning audiences have enjoyed their intimate evening in the most critical of environments. Our proficiency is not only limited to the classical or ghazal performances we feature in famous College festivals such as the very highly esteemed Chaos by IIM, Footprints by MS University, by Nirma to name a few and the very famous Times festival by the Times of India. Music Lovers are our diehard fans and swear by the standards of service we provide be it a humble gathering of 100 odd to a 100,000 plus each member of the audience guaranteed the same listening pleasure as well as decibel levels technically speaking.

Bestt Sound System based in Ahmedabad has provided its services to most of the Mega events organized by the Government of Gujarat successfully since the last couple of years. The great success of every event be it the Swarnim Gujarat Opening ceremony as well as the Validation on the 1st of May 2010/11 at the Sardar Patel Stadium, Vibrant Gujarat Kite Flying Festival 2008/09/12/13. The Vibrant Gujarat Navratri Mahotsav 2008/9 /12/13 or the Kankaria Carnival 2008/09/10/11/12/ can be attributed to no small measure to the highest standards of technical expertise, technology and services whether it is theme lighting or providing stage light and sound for the event. we eclipse all competition by the sheer experience of State held Mega Events, our State of the Art Technology and Expertise.